viernes, 1 de junio de 2018

I was born 60 years ago...

A day like today, my mom suffered severe pains to get me to come to the world and open my eyes. My mom shed too many tears caused by pain. She also spilled them with joy when she saw me in her life. I was born 60 years ago.
My mom and I have fought a lot against too many problems in our lifes. Now my mom is no longer here with me, but she watches over me all the time, from the sea.
If I'm sad, she's sad. If I cry, she cries.
I try to smile at myself, even when I have something sad between my hands. Yes, I try to laugh at myself even when I have too many problems.
I'm not sad because my mom looks at me all the time, from the sea.
Yes, I have already aged another year, and I will continue to love her...
Like 60 years ago. My crazy life

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